About Us

Freedom Start Bushcraft came about as a dream of Peter Short, from Saint John, New Brunswick. Growing up as a small boy, his father took him to the woods and taught him all he knew about Hunting, Fishing, and Bushcraft survival.
When he became of age, he got involved with the Saint John Wildlife Fish and Game. He also followed in his father’s footstep by joining the military and spent time in the North Atlantic, learning Arctic Survival Skills.
It is this knowledge and hands-on experience that he would like to share with his family and friends. In so making his lifelong dream become a reality of showing and teaching others the fun to be had in the bush.
With this, we are pleased to say that he is also about ready to launch a new Web Site and the YouTube channel for those of his fellow East Coast Canada Bushcraft and Survival Friends.
We look forward to helping in all your Bushcraft Survival and Prepping needs. Look for us at www.freedomstart.ca, you can also contact us from there as well. Happy trails and see you soon.